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Howdy Podner!

Video killed the batting coach star

"The Rockies’ video staff has downloaded every Marlins hitter into his iPod, and Jennings is figuring out how to pitch to them. He watches frames of himself delivering the pitch, followed by the result of the play. Everything else is weeded out.

"It’s a good way to refresh yourself on how you got guys out," Jennings said. "It’s an amazing concept."

The Rockies have taken the iPod beyond entertainment. And the idea has caught on — teams such as Florida and Seattle have called the Rockies to explore their innovative use of the iPod.

"It wasn’t like we invented the wheel," said Rockies assistant video coordinator Brian Jones, who came up with the idea after the video iPod was released last November. "We’re using Apple’s technology as best we can. We figured if you can watch music videos by rock ‘n’ roll and by country, why can’t you watch at-bats by San Francisco and pitches by Jason Schmidt?"

The Rockies have downloaded video clips into the iPods of 14 players so far. For the hitters, they’ll store every at-bat and download performances of upcoming pitchers. A 60-gigabyte iPod can hold roughly five seasons’ worth of a player’s at-bats. Pitchers can get all their performances, along with opponents’ at-bats."


I can just see the cross-promotion now.  Apple becomes a major sponsor of San Diego’s team, and the team changes its name to the iPodres.