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“Your attention … ladies and gentlemen …. pinch-hitting for Swindal …. “

Steve Swindal may NOT be the next top dog of the Yankees after all

" … Jennifer, filed for divorce from her husband, Steve Swindal, in the
family law division of Hillsborough County Circuit Court on Tuesday.
Swindal was arrested last month on suspicion of driving under the
influence, and the divorce would end any chance he had of succeeding
Steinbrenner in running the Yankees, as Steinbrenner had said he would do in June 2005."


So who should be next in line for the job? 

My vote?   Waylon Smithers

Reading between the ticket lines

Newsday article on Yankee ticket price increase

(emphasis mine)

Prices for tickets in almost all of the upper deck and the bleachers will be the same for the third straight year, which chief operating officer Lonn Trost said is possible because of the increases elsewhere in the stadium.

"It’s just an acknowledgement that there are certain people who can afford tickets and there are people who can’t," he said. "We have to make certain that people who can’t afford certain prices, regardless of area, can go."

… Trost said 98 percent of the best tickets are sold as part of ticket plans.

But on rare occasions the best seats do become available through the box office on game day. Trost said about 3,000 tickets in the highest-priced brackets were sold that way in 2006, an average of 37 per game.

When that happens next season, those tickets for seats in the lower boxes will cost between $280 and $400 on game day, a stunning increase from 2006, when those seats sold for just over $100 on average.

"It’s just a recognition of what people pay for these seats," Trost said. "Take a look at StubHub and all the online prices. If a major company can’t get the tickets here, you know where they go? They go online. And they’re paying that much."

Fans have proven they’ll pay to see the Yankees, who have set franchise attendance records four straight years. This year, they drew 4.2 million fans.

And now the Yankees want to reap more benefits, but Trost made a point of noting they are not changing ticket prices based on the day of the week or their opponent, something many teams do, including the Mets.

"We’re selling ourselves. We’re selling our stadium – who we are, what we are, our history and our tradition. That’s what we’re selling," Trost said. "We’re not selling the teams that we’re playing. We’re not selling April. We’re not selling September. We’re not selling night. We’re not selling day. We’re selling our games."


Well …. they aren’t changing base ticket prices based on opponent, but they ARE opting out of discounts based on "premium games" (as shown below, from their website)


• "Poland Spring Youth Games" – All tickets can be purchased for half price by fans 14 and under-when accompanied by an adult-on all Saturday games (excluding Premium Games) in the following locations: Main Box, Loge Box, Main Reserved, Tier Box MVP, Tier Box, Tier Reserved and Bleachers). Available only on the day of the game at Yankee Stadium and subject to availability.

• All Tier-Reserved tickets to any Wednesday game (except premium games) can be purchased for $10.00 by students presenting a valid student ID. Available only on the day of the game at Yankee Stadium and subject to availability.

• All Tier-Reserved tickets will be discounted to $16.00 for all Tuesday night games (except premium games).

The term "Premium Games" is defined as the Opening Day game, the Old Timers Day game and all games played against the following teams: Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the New York Mets.


Total # of premium games? …. 24 … nearly a third of the home games.

Thhhhhhhheeeeee Yankees raise their ticket prices!

$300-$400 for the best seats?

But 24,000 (of 55,000) seats will keep their 2006 prices (oh joy)

For the 2007 regular season, Yankee Stadium’s most expensive seats (ninety-eight percent of which are sold-out on a season-ticket basis) will have price increases. However, over 24,000 seats (approximately forty-four percent of Yankee Stadium’s capacity) will have no price increase for the third consecutive year.

"We are very grateful for the loyal fans that have supported us and we want to make sure that a family visit to Yankee Stadium remains a viable and distinctly unique entertainment experience," said Yankees’ Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost. "We believe that by increasing the prices for the most expensive seats, it enables us to hold the prices on almost half of the Stadium and continue to offer attractive discounted ticket opportunities, including the fan-favorite ‘five-dollar games.’"


Hmmm …. I wonder what possible special amenities could be offered to justify a price increase from 2006’s $110 per seat to $300-$400?

For those prices, I think you should be able to have Jeter’s current girlfriend "service" you during the 7th inning stretch (unless you would prefer Jeter do that himself).

Closer to God than to first place

Rockies of Ages

"On the field, the Rockies are trying to make the playoffs for the first time in 11 seasons and only the second time in their 14-year history. Behind the scenes, they quietly have become an organization guided by Christianity — open to other religious beliefs but embracing a Christian-based code of conduct they believe will bring them focus and success.

From ownership on down, it’s an approach the Rockies are proud of — and something they are wary about publicizing. "We’re nervous, to be honest with you," Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd says. "It’s the first time we ever talked about these issues publicly. The last thing we want to do is offend anyone because of our beliefs."


OK …. let’s come up with the "all-religion" team to play against these Rockies:

C: Jerry Moses
1B: Mark Grace, Jim Gentile
2B:Johnny Temple
SS: Cristian Guzman, Angel Berroa
OF: Ryan Church, Jose Cardenal, Jesus Alou, Henry Aaron, Enos Slaughter, Babe Ruth
P: Preacher Roe, Matt Cain, Mike Maroth, Noah Lowry

(we need a third baseman)

Cubs lack of offense leads to a call for …. Tony Womack?

Look out ol’ Womack is back!

" The Cubs called up veteran infielder Tony Womack from Triple-A Iowa on Friday and optioned Ryan Theriot to the minors.  Womack began the season with Cincinnati, which designated him for assignment April 24. He signed a minor league deal with Chicago on May 17 and batted .467 for Iowa.  The 35-year-old Womack has made five postseason appearances in his 12 major league seasons and helped Arizona win the 2001 World Series. Womack has a .273 career average with 362 stolen bases. He played briefly for the Cubs in 2003."


OK … I can understand that playing Hairston and Neifi while Walker holds down first base is gonna put a strain on your run-scoring potential, but ….


A man who has NEVER compiled an OBP higher than .350 in a season, even in 2004 when he somehow hit .307 for the pennant-winning Cardinals?

A man who, outside of 2004, hasn’t hit over .280 since 1998?

A man who has been the property of 5 different teams since July of 2003?

A man who has compiled a career line of .273/.316/.356?

Here is the list of lowest OPS for players with 5,000+ PA since 1993 (Womack’s first call-up):

Jose Vizcaino 4809 1314 183 42 33 445 348 660 68 .273 .322 .349 .671
Tony Womack 4913 1339 189 59 35 366 304 645 362 .273 .317 .356 .673
Neifi Perez 4844 1302 225 60 61 461 222 477 56 .269 .299 .378 .677
Brad Ausmus 5247 1348 232 30 71 519 533 832 95 .257 .330 .353 .683
Royce Clayton 6531 1699 320 51 103 655 506 1234 209 .260 .315 .372 .687
Mike Bordick 5017 1292 233 25 88 557 445 700 81 .258 .322 .367 .689
Alex Gonzalez 4977 1209 274 27 137 536 392 1165 97 .243 .302 .391 .693
Mark McLemore 5070 1345 218 39 48 513 763 808 216 .265 .360 .352 .712
Omar Vizquel 6997 1962 336 48 68 680 743 726 322 .280 .350 .371 .721
Mark Grudzielanek 5766 1662 312 31 76 512 295 793 125 .288 .331 .393 .724
Luis Castillo 4500 1321 136 43 22 291 548 637 285 .294 .370 .358 .728
Damion Easley 4700 1180 264 25 139 585 456 813 104 .251 .330 .407 .737
Marquis Grissom 6702 1829 308 39 203 831 438 1009 252 .273 .317 .421 .738
Edgar Renteria 5697 1644 309 21 94 652 509 791 251 .289 .346 .400 .746
Jose Offerman 4976 1381 230 <span face="Cour

Royals fire hitting coach …. why?

Rearranging the deck chairs at Kauffman Stadium

(emphasis mine in the upcoming paragraphs)

"Royals hitting coach Andre David was reassigned within the organization after Kansas City’s 3-2 loss to Detroit on Monday night.

The Royals replaced David with Mike Barnett, their minor league roving hitting instructor. Barnett was the hitting coach for the Toronto Blue Jays for three-plus seasons before he was fired last year. Barnett will join the team in Detroit on Tuesday, the team said.

Kansas City is 12th in the American League with a .243 team batting average after Monday’s loss to the Tigers. The Royals’ 14 homers, 85 runs and 80 RBIss are all last in the 14-team AL.   

David, who had served as Kansas City’s hitting coach since May 2005, will take over Barnett’s position, Royals general manager Allard Baird said."


1) So you fire your major league hitting coach because he couldn’t turn Minky into Don Mattingly in one month (or Mark Teahen into George Brett in one year)?

2) You replace him with your minor league hitting instructor, who HIMSELF was fired from HIS last job (and given the Royals lack of player development in the minors, perhaps he wasn’t doing such a great job in his most recent position either)?

3) You reassign the fired major league hitting coach (who, by the way, was a major league player for all of 53 at-bats of .245 over two seasons back in the 80s http://www.baseball-reference.com/d/davidan01.shtml) to the minor league hitting instructor position, so you could INSURE the continued development of those Royals prospects?

Tampa Bay seeks to improve …. their name

A Devil (Rays) may care attitude

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have told Major League Baseball they are considering a name change.   

Devil Rays president Matt Silverman said the team met a March 31 deadline to inform Major League Baseball it was considering the change. The Devil Rays have until May 31 to commit to a name change, which would take effect next season. After the home opener next week, the team will begin studying a potential name change and begin asking fans for ideas.


OK …. here then are the ….

Top 10 potential new names for the Tampa Bay franchise

10. Tampa Bay We Deserve a Better Rays

9. Tampa Bay Johnny Rays

8. Tampa Bay of Pigs

7. Tampa X

6. Tampa Baywatch Hasselhoffs

5. Tampa Bay Raysonne d’etre

4. Tampa Bay Windows XP

3. Tampa Bay Odelay

2. Tampa Palooza

and the #1 potential new name for the Tampa Bay franchise

1. Tampa Bay Yankees – AAA affiliate