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Goodness me … could this be Industrial Disease?

Miller Park toilets empty into river

"At least one sanitary sewer at Miller Park is misconnected to a
storm sewer, allowing untreated human waste to flow directly into the
Menomonee River and downstream to Lake Michigan, Milwaukee Metropolitan
Sewerage District officials said Tuesday.

One or more of the sanitary sewer pipes coming from that corner of
the stadium likely was connected inadvertently to a storm sewer during
Miller Park’s construction, said Peter Topczewski, the sewerage
district’s water quality protection manager.

The sequence of testing indicates that the sanitary pipe coming off
the suite level on the northeast side of the stadium is the problem,
according to Topczewski and Mike Duckett, executive director of the
Miller Park stadium district."


The suite level?? Isn’t that where Bud sits when he visits his old ballclub?  Goodness knows how much untreated bile flowed into Lake Michigan from that source!

Can’t wait for the "Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Bacteria Collection Kit Night" …. every kid 14 and under gets their own gloves, mask and test tubes and slides!

But seriously … this means this has been going on since the park opened 6 years ago?