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50 games, but no anger management?

This Young is so Restless

"International League president Randy Mobley handed down his verdict on Delmon Young on Tuesday afternoon, suspending the Durham slugger for 50 games as a result of his bat-throwing escapade last month in a game at Pawtucket.

The suspension, which is without pay and includes the 10 games he’s already missed, is the longest ever in the International League. Young will be eligible to return to the Bulls for their June 19 home game against Charlotte.

As part of the suspension, Young has also agreed to do 50 hours of community service, working with the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League and the Miracle League of Golf Beaches in St. Petersburg, Fla."

(Mobley said) "I thought that missing over a third of the season along with the significant financial penalty and then trying to find a positive aspect of it was fair. He’ll be working with the youth in Durham and the Bay Area while suspended, so I thought I hit on the fair and just goal I set out to accomplish."

That Mobley could never know Young’s true intent when he tossed the bat, combined with the youngster’s obvious contrition and willingness to do community service, played a big part in his decision to limit the suspension to 50 games.

The incident wasn’t the first time Young has had a run in with an umpire. He bumped an ump last year while playing for Montgomery of the Southern League and received a three-game suspension. He also threw a bat at a pitcher in another game after getting hit with a pitch.

Mobley said that he was aware of Young’s past and that his previous troubles played a role in his decision, though not a significant one. He added that taking anger-management classes were not a requirement of his fulfilling the suspension, but that he couldn’t say if it was a subject that would be broached between Young, his agent and the Devils Rays."


How is someone expected to change their behavior if they are only told it is wrong, but is not shown how to DEAL with the impulses that CAUSE that behavior?


Howard (not) the Duck

Lineup downer

"Howard batted fifth in the lineup for the first time after batting sixth for most of this season and seventh in the previous two outings.

"He can hit anywhere from fourth to sixth," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "I was looking for balance in the lineup. It’s not like I’m trying to punish Ryan Howard. I’m a Ryan Howard fan all the way, believe me. He’s gonna knock in runs and I’ll try to put him a position where he can definitely do that."

Dear Charlie Manuel,
Balance???? You are worried about balance with a bat like Howards???  You are worried about having 2 lefty bats in a row???  You are worried about whether the opposing manager can bring in a shut-down lefty if you bat Abreu and Howard back-to-back?

If you bat him 7th, he WILL get pitched around.
If you bat him 7th, his RBI potential gets decreased.
If you bat him 7th ….. (shaking my head)

Leave him in the 5 spot until he proves he CAN’T handle it!  He’s a 26-year-old player, not some 21 y.o. baby.

Screwed-up priorities


"Cubs outfielder Jacque Jones said he knew the rule requiring clean caps with nothing written on them, but he remains upset he can’t honor Kirby Puckett with "KP" on his hat.

"I know about the rule," Jones said Thursday, "but the guy means a lot to the game. He meant a lot to me."

Jerry Hairston Jr. had written "34" on the front his cap in honor of Puckett, the Hall of Fame outfielder for the Minnesota Twins who died in March. He also must wear a clean cap in games.

Jones and Hairston both received letters from Bob Watson, Major League Baseball’s disciplinarian and vice president of rules and on-field operations, regarding their caps. Jones called Watson to explain his feelings, but had yet to receive a return call.

"It’s important to me," said Jones, who came up in the Twins organization.

The players can wear their "34" and "KP" marked caps during batting practice but not in games, the letter stated. Players are not allowed to make individual changes to hats, jerseys or anything else they wear.


A "dirty" cap draws a quick letter, but it took MLB more than a decade to go after "dirty" urine ….

Arrgggh! I want my Gameday Audio!

"Our Gameday Audio partner Akamai Technology is currently experiencing technical difficulties. This problem will be resolved shortly."
NOT what I want to see on the site on Opening Day …. 😦

BBWAA needs a Colon-oscopy

So, as I was saying in the previous post, the writers botched the AL Cy Young, awarding it to Bartolo Colon over Johan Santana and Mariano Rivera.

I think Santana, though not as obvious a choice as in 2004, deserved the award again.

Lets examine the more-meaningful #s that determine who was the better pitcher …

Pitcher’s Quality of Batters Faced


Colon 906 831 .262 .326 .419

Santana 910 846 .261 .324 .414

(slight edge to Colon)

Pitcher’s counterpart profile (average of SP’s opposing starter)


Colon 6.0 6 3 3 2 4 1 4.76 5.17

Santana 5.8 6 3 3 2 3 1 4.92 5.38

(slight edge to Colon)

But once again, notice where the superiority lies in terms of Ks per 9 innings, opponents BA, OBP and SLG, as well as WHIP.

Santana 231.7 910 180 112 42 4 22 45 238 77 74 .210 .248 .346 0.97
Colon 222.7 906 215 142 42 5 26 43 157 93 86 .254 .288 .407 1.16

So, how did Colon win 5 more games than Santana? Our old friend Average Run Support

Colon 6.02 (7th of 44 qualifying pitchers in the AL)

Santana 4.70 (30th in the AL)

Swap the teams behind them, and I betcha they swap records. My vote … Santana.

BBWAA blows it …. again.

After botching the AL Cy Young voting, the writers decided to make it a double-dip on the goofs.

Roger Clemens deserved the Cy Young.

Yes, Carpenter led the league in WINS and COMPLETE GAMES.  But those statistics are impacted greatly by RUN SUPPORT.  You get 5.5 runs per game to work with, you are gonna have a good chance of pitching longer in games (rather than being pinch-hit for) and of winning those games.

Let’s look at some of the numbers the writers might have missed:

Pitcher’s average counterpart:

Name    IP H R ER  BB  SO HR  ERA  RA
Willis    5.7 6 3   3     2    4   1  4.30  4.67
Carp        6 6 3   3     2    4   1  4.19  4.53
Clemens6.1 6 3   3     2    4   1  4.45  4.83

(edge to Carpenter, followed by Willis and Clemens)

Pitcher’s opposing batters:

Willis 0.258 0.324 0.402
Carp 0.258 0.327 0.407
Clemens 0.255 0.323 0.401

(slight edge to Willis over Carpenter, then Clemens right behind)

OK, so far Carpenter seems to have faced the tougher opposition overall.  But what did the top 3 Cy Young candidates allow their opposition to do?:

Miscellaneous stats:

NAME          IP     BFP  H   1B  2B  3B  HR  BB  SO  R  ER  AVG  OBP  SLG  WHIP
Willis     236.3 960 213 148  45   9   11   55 170 79  69  .243  .288  .352   1.13
Carp       241.7 953 204 137  46   3   18   51 213 82  76  .231  .271  .351   1.06
Clemens  211.3 838 151 111  26   3   11   62 185 51  44  .198  .258  .284   1.01

(SIGNIFICANT edge to Clemens based on WHIP, SLG, BA, and OBP)

And, just like Colon over Santana in the AL (separate post to come), Carpenter had the benefit of a great offense:

Average Run Support (of those who qualified for ERA title):

Willis          4.87  (23rd highest (out of 49) in NL)
Carpenter    5.51  (9th highest)
Clemens      3.58  (4th LOWEST in NL)

Clemens lost *5* 1-0 games, and he STILL won 13.

Clemens got shafted.

Angelos misses the point … again!


"The Baltimore Orioles fired manager Lee Mazzilli on Thursday with the team mired in an eight-game losing streak and still reeling from Rafael Palmeiro‘s positive drug test."

The O’s overperformed in the first 70 games, and came back to earth the last 40 (Bedard hurt, Chen hurt then pitched poorly, Sosa continuing his "farewell to roids" tour, Lopez hurt).   On the whole, they are about where they should be given their overall talent level.  Miller was making great strides with the pitching staff.

Angelos is an a-hole. Maz is a good leader, and will be hired by some team for 2006.