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Opening night rockers (not John)

The Cardinals show they know how to open the season right …. I think …

Is the "Speedwagon" being led by Budweiser Clydesdales?

"The Budweiser Clydesdales will open the pre-game ceremonies promptly
at 6 p.m., taking the field in a tradition that makes Opening Day in
St. Louis unlike any other in Major League Baseball…."

The national anthem will be sung by classic rockers REO


REO Speedwagon is actually a very appropriate choice, given their baseball-tinged lyrics …

They had a song lyric for the Pirates pitchers:
"I just can’t fight this fielding anymore …"

They had a song lyric for the hitters who could only handle dead red fastballs:
"Roll with the change-ups …"

And then there was the one for a particular Devils Rays (and former Cub) pitcher:
"I’m gonna keep on lovin’ Ryu …"


Finally some sanity regarding the Angels totebag lawsuit

You can’t tote your lawsuit into THIS court

You may remember the story of the man who sued the Angels for discrimination based on offering Mother’s Day totebags only to women.  You may also remember the suit made it past the initial hearing, and thus ended up as an actual court case.

Well, logic finally prevailed ….


"The Angels did not discriminate against men by providing free tote bags
to women in a Mother’s Day promotion, a judge ruled Thursday.


(Litigant) Cohn claimed the giveaway in 2005 violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act
and argued the Angels should be liable for $4,000 in damages, payable
to each man who attended the game. (Judge) Cannon said the state’s Unruh Act is
intended "to eliminate antisocial discriminatory practices, not to
eliminate socially beneficial ones."

Said Cannon: "The reason behind the promotion was to promote Mother’s Day, not to discriminate against men."

has cited the Unruh Act in filing more than 40 suits, challenging among
others the San Diego Padres for staging a women-only baseball clinic
and Southland bars for "Ladies’ Night" discounts.


Mr. Cohn?  Your mother called …. and wants to know why you never call or write to her …. and that if it has to do with the lack of breast-feeding as an infant, that you really need to get over it by now.

OK, how many men REALLY want the tote bag?

You may remember the story of the man who sued the Angels for discriminating against men for offering tote bags to women for a Mother’s Day promotion …


Well, not only was the suit NOT dismissed, it appears its going further up the legal ladder …

Judge allows discrimination suit to go to hearing

"A judge refused Thursday to dismiss a lawsuit that claimed the Angels discriminated against men by giving tote bags to only women during a Mother’s Day baseball game.

Instead, Orange County Superior Court Judge Jonathan Cannon set a procedural hearing for Aug. 30."


Next, this yutz will sue the Angels seeking damages for emotional distress caused by their name change.

The Sausage Days of Summer

Heave ho to the Chorizo

"Adios, Chorizo! . . .

We won’t see you again until the home opener next season.

Lost in the local and national hubbub over the introduction of a fifth Racing Sausage to the Klement’s lineup at Miller Park is the fact that Major League Baseball, which has authority over such merchandising and licensing matters, has put the Chorizo back in the freezer.

Baseball has strict rules for clubs that want to introduce a new mascot, uniform or logo change, and the Chorizo got caught up in the rules.

According to Susan Goodenow, an MLB spokesman, baseball wants to be sure that fans tie into new characters or promotions from a marketing and licensing standpoint.

She said baseball granted the Milwaukee Brewers a special dispensation allowing the character to participate in last Saturday’s Sausage Race as part of Cerveceros Day at Miller Park.

But for the Chorizo, it was one and done for 2006. And with it went a public relations campaign that got Klement’s and the Brewers national publicity."


I have it on good authority that the Chorizo has actually been banned due to use of performance-enhancing drugs.

I know why Brian Roberts is blue …

Bobblehead stays too long in the tanning salon?

Orioles players have joked in the past that they didn’t look like their bobblehead dolls. But when a recent shipment of Brian Roberts bobbleheads arrived, team officials knew something was wrong.

Roberts, who is white, had dark skin. It wasn’t just a deep tan.

"It didn’t look like Brian Roberts. The coloring was bad," Orioles spokesman Bill Stetka said. "I didn’t actually see it. I’ve heard various versions that it was very dark and bluish"  (emphasis mine)


OK …. here we find the possible mixup:
On the left, Brian Roberts …. and on the right, a baseball Smurf.


There are no anagrams of PAPELBON

As some of you may know, I’m a nationally-ranked Scrabble player.  So, when I came across this, my curiosity was piqued.

Picnic in Fenway Park

"Picnic in the Park includes a charity auction, featuring one-of-a-kind
Red Sox items generously donated by the Red Sox wives, who each year
support and attend the event. The list of auction items will include:


• Play Scrabble game and meet and greet with Jonathan and Ashley
Papelbon at Fenway Park"


Alas, tickets for the event are a bit too pricey for me ($300 to $500),
and then you add in the cost of getting there from NYC, and the bid for the
auction ….  😦

By the way, the shortest words containing PAPELBON are POSTPONABLE and UNSTOPPABLE

Mike Jacobs ISN’T Jewish? (Who knew?)

Oy Vey!

"The Marlins thought they were honoring their Jewish first baseman when they decided to give away Mike Jacobs T-shirts as part of Jewish Heritage Day at Dolphin Stadium this afternoon.

One small problem — Jacobs isn’t Jewish, a fact the Marlins would have learned if they’d asked Jacobs himself."

NY Daily News article clears the air … sort of

"HAVE FAITH: The Marlins will distribute Mike Jacobs T-shirts to children tomorrow, on "Jewish Heritage Day." The problem? Jacobs isn’t Jewish. When the ex-Met inquired about what seemed like an error, club officials insisted they were separate promotions. "They said it wasn’t done intentionally, but I don’t know about that," Jacobs said. "It’s a big joke around here.""


… though perhaps they’ve discovered the error in time

Their press release for their current homestand doesn’t establish a link between Jacobs and "Jewish Heritage Day".  And none of their other "heritage" days are tied to any other player …

At least they didn’t offer the "Jewish Heritage" promo for their Friday night or Saturday afternoon games.