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Beckett Head & Shoulders above the blister problem now?

Sel …sun … Blue …. every pitcher needs some …

"…. Beckett, who revealed yesterday —
after pitching three scoreless innings in a 2-1 loss to the Dodgers —
that the Red Sox medical staff has found that the blisters tended to
crop up at times when he had outbreaks of eczema.

"It’s something
I still have to be careful with," said Beckett, who uses a product
called CoQ10 to treat his eczema. "We’ve done a lot of testing and
stuff like that, and the conclusion we’ve come up with since I’ve been
with the Boston Red Sox is whenever I have eczema outbreaks, that’s
usually when my finger gets sore."


Just as long as he doesn’t use pickle brine on his scalp ….

Trachsel pitching at Jurassic Park?

The Trachsel my tears

"Steve Trachsel said the small bone that popped out in his upper back on Tuesday was put back in place the same night and he has had no trouble with it."

(emphasis mine)


Small bones aren’t supposed to just "pop out" in your back, unless of course we’re talking about one of those toy dinosaur model kits!

I think I’m gonna start calling him "Trachselsaurus".

“Baseball Bugs” redux?

Joe Boesch’s post on the Yankee injuries

"As I watch the Yankees play the Mets in the Subway Series, I’m amazed that the Yankees are hanging on. Their injuries seems to have made them stronger. As the #7 continues to roll into Shea, some close knit games with a lot of action will be played.

Here’s a look at the Yankees injuries to date:

* Hideki Matsui, Broken left wrist
* Gary Sheffield, Sprained left wrist
* Shawn Chacon, Hematoma in left leg
* Johnny Damon, Bruised right foot
* Carl Pavano, Tight right triceps
* Bubba Crosby, Strained right hamstring
* Tanyon Sturtze, Torn right rotator cuff

The hardest thing for any team in contention is injuries — the Yankees seem to be dealing with them as they come.



A-Rod has reportedly said that, given the numerous injuries on the team, he has selflessly volunteered to play all 9 positions at the same time, a la "Bugs Bunny" in "Baseball Bugs".

Now playing left field ….

Possible candidates to replace the injured Hideki Matsui in left field for the Yankees:

  • Barry Bonds: The Yankees trade Giambi for Bonds, with the added bonus of neither player having to move their "juice" cross-country.
  • Tony Womack: The Yanks somehow convinced the Reds to give up live bodies for him during the off-season, and then the Reds released him once they realized they had something like 5 second baseman on their roster.  The Yanks could try him again in left, and call him "Woeback".
  • Alfonso Soriano: Now that the formerly disgruntled Nats 2B is a slightly less disgruntled (just plain gruntled?) LF ….
  • Robinson Cano: Because it worked so well last year when they moved their sub-standard second baseman to left field …
  • Lou Piniella: Always a Yankee Stadium favorite, "Sweet Lou" patrolled left field for the Yanks from 1974 to 1984.  Though he is now 62, he probably still has as much range as Matsui currently does.
  • Manny Ramirez: The Sox do the unthinkable and trade their surly slugger to their archenemy, but not before secretly removing the cork from all his bats.
  • Bernie Williams: The Yanks try and make do with what they have, and play Bernie in LF.  Jeter is instructed to position himself as close to Bernie as possible for the undoubtedly short relay.
  • John Sterling: The Yanks do their radio fans a favor and move their  "Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" announcer onto the field.

Cristian and Victor sitting in a tree … M-I-S-S-I-N-G

Another installment of "Don’t tell, don’t ask"

"Zambrano, who tore the flexor tendon in his right elbow off the bone Saturday, came to Shea yesterday and acknowledged pitching with continuous soreness since joining the Mets in the controversial July 30, 2004, trade with Tampa Bay for Scott Kazmir. Though surgery looms, GM Omar Minaya indicated Zambrano will be ready for 2007, which presumes the Mets offer the arbitration-eligible pitcher a contract.

Zambrano said persistent elbow trouble prevented him from matching fans’ expectations. "I can win 15-20 games," he said. "I never was feeling good to prove what I can do. … Maybe they can understand a little bit more and have a better relationship."

Mets staff insisted Zambrano never acknowledged the full extent of the elbow troubles, with Minaya calling the result of the lack of disclosure "a lesson to others." Still, the GM noted that players pitch through nagging injuries and suggested Zambrano may have merely underestimated the severity, saying there’s a "fine line" between soreness and pain. Zambrano said he felt he could pitch through discomfort. "


Take a short trip back in time with me ….

Guzman states his shoulder bothered him for 4 years!

So what is the deal here …. players don’t fess up to injuries or discomforts while GMs and owners don’t do their homework in terms of giving the players a THOROUGH physical prior to signing them/trading for them?

If I’m reading the following section of the standard player’s contract correctly, wouldn’t a player who fails to notify the club of an injury (or a  "potential" for injury) be in violation of that contract?:

4.(b) The Player represents that he has no physical or mental defects
known to him and unknown to the appropriate representative of the
Club which would prevent or impair performance of his services.

Now, I’m sure Zambrano’s (and Guzman’s) agent would argue that the team’s medical staff cleared the player for participation prior to the start of the season (or the signing of a contract) and therefore there is an assumed risk on both sides.  But this just makes no sense from EITHER side.

Would this be considered “Workmen’s Comp”?

I fought the hamstring and the hamstring won …

"The Los Angeles Angels placed right-hander Chris Bootcheck on the 15-day disabled list Thursday with a strained left hamstring.

Bootcheck was hurt while running from the bullpen to the mound during the Angels’ brawl with the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday."


We always comment on how players get injured DURING melees, but never PRIOR to them even starting!

Its only an on-deck circle … how much harm could it cause?

Minky done in by the on-deck circle?

"Doug Mientkiewicz was placed on the 15-day disabled list Sunday by the New York Mets after injuring his right hamstring in the on-deck circle.

The first baseman had an MRI Sunday that revealed a slight tear. He said he had never pulled a muscle in his life.

Mientkiewicz was hurt warming up for his first at-bat during the Mets’ 10-3 victory over the Yankees on Saturday. He stayed in and batted twice before leaving in the fifth inning.

"It was fine til I went and stretched before my first at-bat," Mientkiewicz said. "I have my little routine I do on deck since I was probably 7 years old, and this time for some reason I felt a pop."


"Just when you thought it was safe to approach the batter’s box … you can’t get to it!"