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Jason Kendall remembers how to circle the bases

Kendall goes yard … (now only 24 behind Pujols)

"Catcher Jason Kendall had already begun thinking about who would be coming up for the Kansas City Royals in the next inning when the baseball left his bat for a long-awaited home run.

Kendall hit his first homer in nearly two years and Frank Thomas connected for No. 459 of his career Wednesday in the Oakland Athletics‘ 7-0 victory over the last-place Royals …"


So, what has happened in the days since Kendall’s LAST round-tripper?

1,173 different players had at least 1 plate appearance

613 of those 1,173 hit at least 1 homer, including AL pitchers Zack Greinke and C.C. Sabathia.

Of those who amassed at least 1,090 plate appearances (the number of PAs Kendall had between 7/28/04 and 5/30/06), no other player had fewer than 3 homers (Juan Pierre).

After Kendall’s 1,090 PAs, the player with the most PAs without homering during that period was Joey Gathright (393 PAs).