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Happy 60th birthday to Nolan Ryan

HOF page on Nolan Ryan

A fierce competitor … blessed with an arm like no other pitcher in history.

Ryan is also a fine citizen and humanitarian, giving generously of his time and money.

Happy 60th, Nolan!


Blyleven gets no love …. again

Blyleven’s stats

Bert Blyleven belongs in the Hall …. before Sutter, before Sutton, before Perry.  He is NOT a "marginal" candidate for the Hall.

His win totals aren’t gaudy because he played for a lot of poor teams, but his peripheral numbers are VERY good.

Let me list his accomplishments:

11 seasons with a top 10 finish in ERA.

Won 17 or more games 6 times.

11 seasons finishing in top 10 of lowest WHIP.

16 seasons finishing in top 5 for strikeouts.

HOF Standards: Pitching – 50.0 (36) (Average HOFer ≈ 50)

HOF Monitor: Pitching – 120.5 (68) (Likely HOFer > 100)

Postseason pitching line, 5 wins 1 loss 2.47 ERA

Composite W-L of teams he played on, outside of his starts : .499

His career W-L:. 534

(.035 better than the teams he played on)

I’ll have to do some math to come up with pitchers with career W-L .035 better than their teams … it won’t be a long list.

Congrats to Ripken and Gwynn

Full voting results

Major congrats go out to Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken for their induction to the HOF.  They chose to spend their entire careers with one team, and did nothing to besmirch the game.  They played the game hard, and they played it right.

Other thoughts:
McGwire got 23% …. hmmm ….

seems about right, considering the rumblings regarding early opinions of his candidacy

Gossage got 71% …. hopefully the ONLY reason he didn’t make it was of some silly notion that major name first-timers shouldn’t have to share the spotlight with those on the ballot for a while.

Rice got 63% and Dawson got 56%  …. Rice’s time on the ballot is running short and Dawson has been on there for a while too.  Hopefully the BBWAA will open their eyes and recognize how truly dominant they were among their peers in the 70s and 80s.

Blyleven got 47% …. unbelievably low considering how much work the sabermetric community has done in showing just how good a pitcher he was, and how he out-performed the teams he played on throughout his career.  He MUST get in at some point.

Not including the 2 blank ballots submitted,
Gwynn was left off 11 ballots and Ripken was left off 6 ballots
Those writers will be suspended from covering MLB for 50 games as first-time offenders of the league’s "what drugs have you been taking?" policy…

Andro doesn’t affect the outcome of a game?

"I will, without question, vote for McGwire. I’m not interested in moral arguments; I’m not electing a prime minister, mayor, or pope. I would not vote for Pete Rose, because I believe that any manager or player tempted enough to bet on a game might be equally tempted to do something that would knowingly affect the outcome of a game."
–Jeff Blair, Toronto Globe and Mail reporter.


But if McGwire’s usage of Andro and similar PEDs gave him an advantage over those NOT using them, and he therefore padded his Hall of Fame stats resume, that’s OK?

My Hall of Fame Ballot (and comments)

My vote (and some comments on various people):
Harold Baines – nice career, but will you settle for the Home Version of our game?

Bert Blyleven – loooooong overdue

Jose Canseco – um …. NO

Dave Concepcion – see Harold Baines

Eric Davis – if not for the injuries ….

Andre Dawson – also long overdue … so his teams never won anything … so what?

Steve Garvey – see Harold Baines

Rich "Goose" Gossage – deserves it as much as Sutter

Tony Gwynn – no question about it

Orel Hershiser – a truly dominant starter for a few years there, but not quite "special" enough

Tommy John – if the award were based solely on longevity, maybe

Don Mattingly – see Eric Davis

Mark McGwire – I’m not here to talk about the past history of this player

Jack Morris – right behind Blyleven … a true big game pitcher

Dale Murphy – see Harold Baines

Paul O’Neill – I’d want him on my team … but not in the Hall

Dave Parker – truly dominant for a few years there, but not quite Hall material

Jim Rice – hmmmm …. tough call … certainly made a career of bashing balls off and over the Green Monster …. below-average defense … he might get in someday

Cal Ripken Jr. – no-brainer

Bret Saberhagen – see Eric Davis … when Bret was healthy, his stuff was awesome …

Lee Smith – of course

Alan Trammell – Trammell and Whitaker should BOTH be in there

Taking “headhunting” to a whole ‘nother level

Death imitates art

"A Connecticut artist plans to exhibit a sculpture of baseball great Ted Williams’ severed head at a New York gallery next month.

Daniel Edwards of Moosup, Conn., said the inspiration for the sculpture came to him when it was revealed that the Hall of Famer’s head was removed and cryogenically frozen with his torso at Scottsdale’s Alcor Life Extension Foundation."


… next up for Edwards, perhaps a sculpture of the late Wilt Chamberlain’s phallus … ???