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Will ESPN portray N.O. properly next week

Pardon the intrusion of footbal talk on this blog, but I needed to say this …

(aka When the Saints go marching (back) into the Superdome)

I’m already cringing at the thought of the ESPN talking heads spouting George Will-type prose over the importance of the Saints once again playing in the Superdome, and how it signifies the resiliency of the city of New Orleans.

The fans that will pack the Dome next Monday night aren’t the ones who have been displaced from their homes … they aren’t the ones from the Ninth Ward …. they aren’t the ones who had to spend DAYS in the Dome as the place of last resort when Katrina hit.

The people in the stands are the ones who have some economic means to them .. the ones who most likely got through Katrina relatively unscathed due to their living far enough inland to not be impacted by the levee breaches.

Yes, its great that the Dome was repaired and the great game of football can once again be played in it, but let’s not gloss over the hard realities that JUST OUTSIDE the Dome, there are still tens of thousands of people who haven’t seen their former residence in 13 months, and probably never will again.