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Baseball will be Budless after 2009

Bye bye Bud …. so long Selig … 

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig believes he will be stepping down in three years when his contract ends content that the sport is in good health.

"I plan to retire," Selig, the former Milwaukee Brewers owner, told Reuters on Thursday.

"Other than Kenesaw Mountain Landis I think I would be the longest serving commissioner," added Selig, who became "Interim Commissioner" in 1992 and took the job permanently six years later.

"My contract runs for the next three-plus years. I’ll be 75 years of age and … I want to teach and write a book and do some other things," he said.


I’m giving odds of 4-1 that we will see his animated head in a jar in a "Futurama" episode sometime in 2010.