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Now THIS is baseba … uh .. football weather …

Fulljgetty73394643gs004_seattle_marin_4_"Honey … these tickets are for the Browns and Seahawks … 6 months from now."


Where have you gone, Bob Geren?

GiulianiJust in case the run for the White House doesn’t work out, the Yankees have offered Rudy Giuliani the back-up catcher’s job.

Just a pinch between the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum

Selig1Commissioner Bud Selig tries to get in touch with his true feelings by employing a Vulcan mind meld on himself.


What is Ron Washington doing in this photo?

Captazow10502191938rangers_spring_baseba1) Deciding between the chicken club sandwich and the chili con carne.
2) Checking out his choices for the 3rd race at Prescott Downs.
3) Figuring out just where his team is gonna come up with the 95+ wins its gonna to take the division this year.
4) Taking another look at 7 Across …. "Relief ______".


Children of the Corn – Shea Stadium edition

Capt439b327c37a047aaad5a50c930996600marlUndeniable proof that the ball is juiced … (and that "juice" is beer)


Did you ever get the feeling you were being … watched?

Captd9b0ae6c926c4dacb59b6eb2dfa99c4dcardScott Spiezio manages to make the catch in the outfield, despite the smiling presence of the man who hit the ball, Jeff Cirillo, lurking directly behind him.


Sensitivity training working for the Twins

Capt6a55c80f32064093b4d7ee816229c22etwinJustin Morneau shows us the only reasonable situation in which to call someone a "T***lhead".