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Get well wishes to Peter Gammons

Gammons suffers brain aneurysmR4c8iabn


"Peter Gammons, the award-winning baseball writer and the face of news and analysis for millions of fans through the years, underwent surgery Tuesday for an aneurysm in his brain, The Boston Globe and ESPN reported.

Gammons, 61, reportedly was stricken earlier Tuesday and was taken to a Boston-area hospital. He is expected to be in intensive care for the next 10 to 12 days."


Peter Gammons is the epitome of a baseball writer and analyst.  Dogged in his pursuit of the story, well-informed in so many facets of the game, and able to express his thoughts without sounding pompous or showy.

Get well soon Peter!

Is “Mad Dog” suffering from “Mad Cow”?

For those of you who don’t know, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is a sportstalk talking head on WFAN in New York City who is legendary for saying outlandish things, and quite often shows questionable opinions on/knowledge of sports.

He has written two books with his own lists of major sports minutia, including this.

So, perhaps the following will not come as a surprise …

The cow goes "boo …"

"Not since Abbott and Costello’s "Who’s On First?" has the radio provided anything like it.

Thursday, Mike Francesa revealed that, following medical tests, he must change his diet. For starters, Francesa said that he can no longer eat meat from "four-legged animals." His partner, Chris Russo, asked for an example. "Cows," Francesa replied. "What about hamburgers?" asked Russo. Francesa also said that he should no longer eat bread. "Can you eat bagels?" asked Russo. Francesa told him that bagels are made from bread. "French toast?" asked Russo. French toast, Francesa told him, is made from bread. "Pancakes?" asked Russo."


Fortunately, there ARE other sportstalk stations available in New York.

Stalker of a talker

The lady needs a better hobby … and a sedative

"Further proving that just about everyone has a stalker, baseball funnyman Bob Uecker got a restraining order yesterday against an Illinois woman who allegedly has been pursuing the Milwaukee Brewers announcer for years. In a detailed sworn affidavit (a copy of which you’ll find below), Uecker, 72, charges that 45-year-old Ann Ladd’s behavior has "resulted in repeated and serious invasions of my personal privacy." As described in Uecker’s Wisconsin Circuit Court filing, Ladd began seeking autographs from the ex-Major League catcher about six years ago. In subsequent years, Ladd has approached Uecker at ballparks, stayed in the same hotel as the broadcaster, and sent packages to him at his homes. While not alleging that Ladd has ever threatened him, Uecker (who starred in TV’s "Mr. Belvedere") contends that her "pattern of harassment has escalated in both frequency and intensity." He points to an incident last week in Pittsburgh, when Ladd approached him at a hotel pool and asked if she could wave to him. In letters to Uecker (one of which can be found here), Ladd has sought a few minutes with the announcer to discuss "two projects" that emphasize "humanitarian factors." Ladd has been ordered to stop contacting Uecker and stay 500 feet away from him, his car, and his home."


While stalking someone isn’t particularly a comical matter …

If she sent him an explosive device in the mail, would she be called the "Ueckerbomber"?

Idiot killed the radio star

Maybe they’ll call it "Homergate"

"The broadcast went dead at the worst of all moments, and thousands of Bay Area fans listening on radio missed Barry Bonds’ 715th homer.

They could not hear the radio account Sunday because the microphone of play-by-play announcer Dave Flemming stopped working at precisely the wrong time.

Flemming had begun the call at the beginning of Bonds’ fourth-inning at-bat before his hand-held mike quit during the broadcast on the Giants’ flagship station, KNBR.

"Three-and-two. Finley runs. The payoff pitch, a swing and a drive to deep cen …" — that’s all Northern California listeners got when Bonds passed Babe Ruth to move into second place on the career homers list.

The station, which certainly had been planning for this moment for months, was left to replay the television call — and that’s what KNBR will have to rely on for years to recap the moment.

"The mike just cut out," program director Lee Hammer said, noting he couldn’t pinpoint what went wrong."


Let the conspiracy theories begin!!!  I say the spirit of Rosemary Woods was responsible!

Why I don’t listen to ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Joe Morgan’s small mind … on display once again

Patrick (St. Louis, MO): You stated in your last chat that because you’ve been around the game for so long, there isn’t much more anybody can teach you about it. It seems like you’re saying that everything in baseball is known already, whereas I feel that there is plenty that we don’t know, especially with advances in sports medicine, the ability to use technology to evaluate defense more accurately, and the increasing availability of pitch-by-pitch data to study long-term trends in the game. Don’t you owe it to your listeners to listen to new arguements and research, especially if they are intelligent and logical? You seem to have the notion that a lot of the objective analysis being done now is trying to get rid of traditional scouting, but most sabremetricians feel that both are essential to get the best results.

SportsNation Joe Morgan: The guy that wrote Moneyball can’t teach me about the game. That is what I meant. If you haven’t been on the field, why should I read your book? How can that person teach me about the game? I learn plenty about the game everyday. Every Sunday night I learn something. The game changes almost every day. But I’m still not going to read Moneyball or books written by people who haven’t been on the field or really experienced what goes on in the game of baseball.

You know Joe, if it weren’t for the open-mindedness of Branch Rickey, you might not have ever had a chance to step on a Major League field …

Free your mind …. and the rest will follow!

Ken Harrelson … proud “Homer”

"Broadcasting has changed so much in the last 20 years, it’s unbelievable. When I came in in ’75, you could say anything you wanted to say."
–White Sox announcer Ken “Hawk” Harrelson (Arizona Republic)

"I’ve been associated with the ‘homer’ tag for so long that I love it. I mean, I wouldn’t have it any other way. D.J. [partner Darrin Jackson] and I both want this ball club to win every day they go out on the field and we pull for them. And I think that’s one reason that we’ve had such good acceptance over the years. Because fans want their announcers to root for their team."


I for one DON’T want MY announcers to root for MY team.  I want them to REPORT the game, even if they ARE employed by the club.

Sigh …

Stupid baseball words/phrases

"If so-and-so hadn’t been caught stealing, that base hit would have scored him from second."

"This call to the bullpen (or other change/stoppage in play) is brought to you by AT&T (or other advertiser)."

"Commissioner Bud Selig."

Any home team announcer using the pronoun "we".

Any name longer than 5 letters that Ralph Kiner attempts to pronounce.

Joe Morgan attempting to explain any aspect of the game.