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Happy Birthday to Will Carroll

Carrollbooks Consider this a birthday shout-out to a passionate baseball fan and one heck of a writer.

Will Carroll (he’s the one in the middle … LOL) is amongst many other things, an MLBlogger

The Year of Living Chemically

But Will is better known for being the "Under the Knife" columnist for Baseball Prospectus.  The column deals in great detail with the DL, the treatment of baseball injuries, performance-enhancing drugs and the like.  Will’s column is chockful of insider info on the severity of player injuries and details on the rehab.

Baseball Prospectus

He is also co-host of the weekly Baseball Prospectus Radio show, which always offers top-notch, interesting guests from around the world of baseball.


As if that weren’t enough, he also is one of the contributing writers for "The Juice" blog for the Baseball Toaster website. 

Baseball Toaster – "The Juice"

He is also the author of two wonderfully-researched books.

Saving the Pitcher is a guide for pitchers, Little League parents, and baseball fans on how pitching injuries happen and how to prevent them. The work is based in part on the research of Tom House, the pitching coach for Nolan Ryan and Mark Prior, and the work of orthopedic surgeon James Andrews and his American Sports Medicine Institute.

In The Juice, Will calls for a scientific, reasoned approach to the steroid problem. Shunning emotional judgements, he offers a wide-ranging investigation of the drugs, the athletes who use them, the scientific effects and side effects, the testing procedures, and whether drugs have had an impact on the game. He explores the grey area of legal supplements, reviews the law involved in the BALCO case, compares baseball’s situation with that of the National Football League, and speculates on the next generation of performance enhancers that may well include gene therapy.

Will’s other admirable attributes include being a long-suffering fan of the Cubs, and having great taste in TV ("The Shield") and music ("Drive-by Truckers").

Happy Birthday Will!