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You know its fantasy draft time when …

" …. you walk into your local bagel shop and blurt out ‘Everything Bagel for a buck’."

(my thanks to fellow Scrabble freak and Fantasy Guru writer Scott Pianowski for the chuckle)


Baseball joke *(insert pathetic team of your choosing)

Little Johnny is sitting in class during career day at work and is not looking forward to being called on. The teacher notices that he has not been himself all day.

Finally, it is Little Johnny turn to tell what his father does for a career.

The teacher asked, "What does your daddy do for work Johnny?"

Little Johnny replies "My daddy is a male exotic dancer in a *** club where he takes all his clothes off in front of other men. Sometimes, if the offer is good enough he will go out back and have sex with other men for money."

Not knowing what to say, the teacher get everyone working on coloring project and approaches Little Johnny who is standing alone over by the window.

"Johnny is what you said about your dad true?" the teacher asked.

"No", replied Little Johnny, "he is a *______ player but I was too embarrassed to say."