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David Ortiz excels at his limited skill set

Ortiz top DH …. and no controversy?

"There is no stopping David Ortiz.

The Boston Red Sox slugger on Tuesday won his unprecedented fourth straight Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award.

Ortiz secured 60 of the 81 first-place votes cast by beat writers, broadcasters and American League public relations departments. Travis Hafner of the Cleveland Indians finished second and Oakland’s Frank Thomas third."


In related news, Albert Pujols stated that he was upset that he didn’t get this award, given that Ortiz didn’t carry his team to the playoffs.


Mor(e)on Jeter and Morneau

"To me, Jeter is a special player. I just think Morneau sustained a higher level of production."
–BBWAA voter Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune


Ummm …. "sustained"???

Apparently Mr. Gonzales was not paying attention during April, May and the first week of June, when Morneau was hitting .240 with 11 HRs and 38 RBIs.

I wouldn’t have had Jeter as my MVP, but he was more consistent than Morneau through the entire year. (click on graphic below)


Top 10 Reasons the BBWAA gave Morneau the AL MVP

10. A-Rod bribed them to NOT vote for Jeter.
9. They wanted to do something nice for a Canadian, and Geddy Lee wasn’t available for receiving the award.
8. They thought were voting for Al Jarreau.
7. They figured if Jeter didn’t get the award, Derek’s current hot girlfriend would dump him, and they’d have at least a CHANCE of getting with her.
6. They thought they were voting for Justin Timberlake.
5. The ghost of Kirby Puckett told them to.
4. They were (still) trying to get people off the controversy of Bartolo Colon’s 2005 AL Cy Young Award.
3. They thought they were voting for Kylie Minogue.
2. Morneau bribed them all with $2,000 shopping sprees to Minnesota’s "Mall of America"

and  …

1. They only do what the little voices inside their head tell them to …

Morneau a go-go

Derek and the DarnMorneaus

So Morneau beat out Jeter for MVP.
If they were gonna give it to a Twin, Santana or Mauer were probably more deserving.

However, this does give my $$$ roto team the NL MVP, AL MVP and AL Cy Young winners (and I STILL finished 6th out of 14).