Time for me to move on …

I’m honored to be the first "fan" blog here on mlb.com, and I hoped I’ve entertained you over these past two years.

An opportunity has come up for me to join a great group of baseball bloggers at a site called Baseball Toaster.
As they succinctly state: "Baseball Toaster is a collection of blogs by a group of friends who love baseball and enjoy writing about it."

Their roster of bloggers includes authors/columnists like Alex Belth, Cliff Corcoran, Jon Weisman, Bob Timmermann, Mark T.R. Donohue, Josh Wilker, Philip Michaels, Ken Arneson, Scott Long and Phil Bencomo.

I’m specifically joining a blog called Humbug Journal, which is run by Ken Arneson and features quirky, atypical analysis and evaluation of the game.  There might be poetry, there might be a Jeopardy-inspired quiz, there might be "useless information-type" posts … you never know what Ken, or I, or "Emma Nickel" will be posting.

I invite to you take a peek at the entire Toaster line-up, and drop in at the Humbug!

Now, I won’t be totally giving up my blog here … but I’ll probably post here when the subject matter may not be quite right for Humbug.  (And of course, I’ll want to drop in an say "hi" to Cyn, Kellia, Zack and my other blogger buddies from time to time).

I want to publicly thanks Mark Newman for his support of DAFH, and his yeoman work with the blogs in general.  Bravo sir!

See you all in cyberspace!