Gashouse Gorillas of Division III?

Newbury College and Bridgewater State got together for a Division III baseball game this past Monday at Bridgewater’s home field.

The two teams combined for 58 runs.

The home team scored 57 of those runs.

Yes, just your old-fashioned 57-1 thumping.

Bridgewater scored at least 8 runs in each of its first five times at-bat.

Three different Bridgewater players drove in at least 7 runs.

During one four-inning stretch, Bridgewater sent 64 men to the plate, and 52 reached base.

Bridgewater was the recipient of 20 walks and 4 HBPs.

Newbury had eight men reach base during the game … Bridgewater had one inning in which fewer than eight reached base.

ERAs for the Newbury pitchers:

Anthony DiClemente 0.0 IP (7 batters faced), 7  ER, ERA: Infinity
William Maddock 1.0 IP, 5 ER, ERA: 45.00
Jamison Torres 2.0 IP, 19 ER, ERA: 85.50
Homas Mathew 2.0 IP, 11  ER, ERA: 49.50
Brian Fish 1.0  IP, 2  ER, ERA: 18.00

Attendance was listed at 50 … they each received the gift of a run named after them. 🙂

(My thanks to buddy Richard Senzel for the heads-up on this one)


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