Opening night rockers (not John)

The Cardinals show they know how to open the season right …. I think …

Is the "Speedwagon" being led by Budweiser Clydesdales?

"The Budweiser Clydesdales will open the pre-game ceremonies promptly
at 6 p.m., taking the field in a tradition that makes Opening Day in
St. Louis unlike any other in Major League Baseball…."

The national anthem will be sung by classic rockers REO


REO Speedwagon is actually a very appropriate choice, given their baseball-tinged lyrics …

They had a song lyric for the Pirates pitchers:
"I just can’t fight this fielding anymore …"

They had a song lyric for the hitters who could only handle dead red fastballs:
"Roll with the change-ups …"

And then there was the one for a particular Devils Rays (and former Cub) pitcher:
"I’m gonna keep on lovin’ Ryu …"



  1. Kellia

    Why everyone needs an editor:

    “The Cubs were opening their 132nd National League season Monday in Cincinnati. The team spent more than $300 million this offseason on free-agent players and new manager Lou Piniella. Team president John McDonough said nothing has changed as far as the Cubs are concerned.”


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