Does McCarver write his own material?

From the same Fox broadcast in which Papelbon challenged his teammates in Scrabble …

TIM MCCARVER:"In Scrabble, W’s are worth more than S’s, but for Papelbon, S’s
are worth more than W’s."

Tim McCarver …. just shut up.



  1. Kellia

    Pap’s S’s are how Boston gets W’s.

    I wonder if JP is a ranked scrabble player?

    Please send me your email addy. I have something to send you. But I have to use a different browser to send email.


    One thing about McCarver though, he does say things that no one else would say on national TV.

    Like Game 6 of the 1996 World Series — someone held up a “John 3:16” sign and McCarver said, gee, these Yankees fans are really dedicated, holding up a sign with Tommy John’s lifetime ERA like that.

    The Wikipedia entry on this game reports without evident irony that the sign actually _was_ a tribute to John’s ERA: