Mike Jacobs ISN’T Jewish? (Who knew?)

Oy Vey!

"The Marlins thought they were honoring their Jewish first baseman when they decided to give away Mike Jacobs T-shirts as part of Jewish Heritage Day at Dolphin Stadium this afternoon.

One small problem — Jacobs isn’t Jewish, a fact the Marlins would have learned if they’d asked Jacobs himself."

NY Daily News article clears the air … sort of

"HAVE FAITH: The Marlins will distribute Mike Jacobs T-shirts to children tomorrow, on "Jewish Heritage Day." The problem? Jacobs isn’t Jewish. When the ex-Met inquired about what seemed like an error, club officials insisted they were separate promotions. "They said it wasn’t done intentionally, but I don’t know about that," Jacobs said. "It’s a big joke around here.""


… though perhaps they’ve discovered the error in time

Their press release for their current homestand doesn’t establish a link between Jacobs and "Jewish Heritage Day".  And none of their other "heritage" days are tied to any other player …

At least they didn’t offer the "Jewish Heritage" promo for their Friday night or Saturday afternoon games.



  1. ziggy29@mac.com

    Why would you think someone was Jewish if they weren’t? “Mike Jacobs” isn’t exactly “Ira Goldstein.”