“The Baseball Collector” understudy?


I was invited by my friend Kevin McCarthy to join him in his company’s corporate box in the first row behind the visiting dugout at Shea on Thursday, September 15, as the Mets faced off against the Washington Nationals.

With such sweet seats, the view was great, and the chance for autographs and other perks was ample.

Preston Wilson singled in the 5th inning, and the ball eventually made it back to the Nationals dugout.  One of the Nationals coaches had tossed a couple of balls to some young kids earlier in the game, and this time, he tossed one in our direction.  Kevin snagged it, and promptly gave it to me.  My first game-used ball!

(Kevin also secured a Mike Piazza game-used ball, tossed by Nick Johnson)

So Mr. Hample, I’m only 2,600+ behind you now …. 🙂


  1. kevin.mccarthy@sbcglobal.net

    If I score the company box for every home game for the next 35 years, and we statistically average one ball per game, and accounting for rain outs…

    Wait til you see the photo, your purse and umbrella *on top* of the dugout. Pitcher warming up between innings behind us, Castillo adjusting his cap.

    The only thing that spoiled an otherwise perfect day – the Mets did not win. But *hey* they can do it now that it does not matter – 6 out of the last 7…

  2. Zack

    Hate to say it (okay, that’s not true) but you’re actually 2,700+ balls behind me.


    Great story, and thanks for the mention.