Rockies need a “Dresser”

"Colorado asks the starting pitcher to determine which jersey the club will wear each game. … It might not be the biggest decision the starter makes, but it sure is complicated. …. "It seems we’ve got about 12 different jerseys, so we can have a different look every night," right-hander Jamey Wright said.  Actually, the Rockies have five jerseys — six if you count a slight variation that was used in one game.  That adds up to more looks than the number of different pitches that any of the starters possesses.


I would think most of the Rockies would choose to wear the uniform of say, the Cardinals if they could.


  1. Diane

    I’m trying to think of one Rockies player that would be an improvement over the same position on the Cards. I don’t think there is one!

  2. Mark

    Clint Barmes is better than Eckstein, and J.C. Closser and Yadier Molina are about a push. Todd Helton is a great player, it’s not his fault Albert Pujols plays the same position.